Facebook Security & BOOKINGS

Facebook Security & BOOKINGS


Facebook has changed the security for posting from a WordPress website.

Where I used to be able to click POST & it would show up on my website & facebook….I can no longer..


That means a lot of extra work for me! YAY!!!

So without further ado here are the past couple weeks selected bookings!

Sandy L. for her BIG commercial….stay tuned for cold season!

The unnamed new Actor who booked their first audition in 8 years!! CONGRATS! good on you!

Vanessa W. for her FIRST BIG commercial.

Susan E. & Sandy L. for their PRINT GIG

Jason H. for his Outdoor Ad

Sammy A. For his TV SHOW

and Ryan C. for his TV SHOW!! To other who have booked, I will get you next time! <3

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